The Lowdown in Mustard


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Sam Nesbitt
This is mustard!

We have the Lowdown in Mustard. This is a vibrant yellow IRL and works well with our timber garden office.

It was very easy to construct, and took me around 15 minutes working alone.

It's very sturdy, and has tons of room for storage.

Hollie Miller

We have a twinny, the skinny one and the lowdown. Love them all!

Robyn Goldsmith
Officially a locker lover owner

Been looking at these lovely lockers for so long. Made the purchase recently - a lowdown in mustard and I love it! Trying to figure out how to justify another one. Even the ‘Mr’ was impressed (and that is very unusual) easy to put together and really well made!

Petroula Georgiadou

I absolutely love my mustard Lowdown! It is the cutest! Also, practical and spacious. It was super easy to assemble. But, I have to say that I paid a lot extra to release it from customs(Greece). I highly recommend it but make sure you have checked how much you will need to pay when it enters your country. I also got the hangers and the baskets for my store to look cohesive and I have loved them, too. Lastly, the mustard made team was super helpful and answered quickly to help me solve the problem with the customs. Thank you!

Oliver Milehem
Very satisfied

I am very pleased with how we were treated and how the service was. We got help with that and you were always nice and helpful with the smallest little thing!
Thank you Vilma for the help!