The Twinny in Mustard


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Super happy with my Twinny!

Real happy with the Twinny. I’ve needed a new dresser for a while and this is perfect. Definitely glad I got the extra shelves and baskets to complete the unit. Quick, easy assembly. Finished product looks and works great!

We love it!

A lovely mustard colour, really easy to put together and a really useful size.

Christian Wayne
Surprisingly Sturdy

I had concerns this locker would be a bit flimsy but I was pleasantly surprised to find it is actually quite sturdy. It is structurally well designed and very easy to build. My only concern is about the way the doors are fitted which involves folding a bit of metal over a pin that acts as the hinge. Should you ever want to take the doors off (because you maybe forgot to add a washer when putting the doors on) you'd have to bend the bit of metal again in the opposite direction. Repeating that would eventually cause the metal to snap and then there is no way to fix the door in place. However, on the assumption you won't be taking the doors on and off this shouldn't prove to be an issue. That aside I love the locker and there is no doubt it looks very cool.

Barry Hott
Perfect fit for our entryway

We love that it's both industrial and colorful/delicate. Assembly was easy. Quality is great. Lovely addition to our apartment.

Fantastic quality, fantastic customer service!

I love my locker!! It went together beautifully, and it's such a fun addition to my home. Mustard's customer service was truly top notch; when a part was damaged during shipping, they replaced it without question! If you're looking for a locker, I highly recommend shopping here.