Colour Swatch


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Corinna Horsthemke
Worth ordering and helped me decide on my colours

They arrived really quickly and helped me be more informed about the colours I was choosing and actually switched one of them for that reason. I just ordered my lockers and can’t wait for them to arrive.

The perfect way to test colours in your space

I love these! The colours are identical (i’ve since bought the locker) and i hadnt expected them to be the same material as the locker so this took the swatches above and beyond. I could feel the quality in my hands. Fab idea

Anna Gallagher
Swatches are great!

The colour swatches are great to really see what the colours would look like in your room. Unfortunately when I went to order my preferred choice it is out of stock.

Dean Ruchardson
Colour swatch

Very quickly delivered so we could make our mind up but Now the colour we want is out of stock

Nat Manzano
Excellent system to check on the colour of the lockers

I think that this a great idea so you can see if the colour of the lockers will look good with your other furniture. It has made me want to buy a locker and some hangers. I am looking forward to the time in which the mustard low one is available and I can buy it.