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Our Shorty locker is short and oh-so-sweet! It comes in left and right opening options, making it the perfect bedside table for whichever side of the bed you sleep on. But The Shorty has so much more to offer beyond the bedroom! Tuck one next to your desk for extra office storage or snuggled up beside your sofa as a side table, right where you need it.

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The Shorty

reasons to fall in love

a rainbow of colours

easy to build (promise!)

for home, work + play

beautiful quality

female founded

kind, honest + helpful

reasons to fall in love

a rainbow of colours

easy to build (promise!)

for home, work + play

beautiful quality

female founded

kind, honest + helpful

for home, work + play

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Customer Reviews

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Daniel Warriner
Extremely sturdy

Extremely sturdy and far stronger than I expected. The metal is very thick and solid - wasn't what I was expecting at all so was pleasantly surprised. In theory it's easy to put together as you only need a phillips head screwdriver and that's just for the door handle. Everything else is tool-free. However despite watching the assembly video on YouTube and reading the instructions, we didn't find it as simple as it appeared to be. None of the parts were labelled which made it quite tricky to find what was meant to be the right part. I've knocked a star off for the slightly-more-difficult-than-expected assembly but that's not to take away from the stellar quality of the product itself. I want a 'The Skinny' next!

Louise Harris
In love with our shorty!

We looked for ages for a lockable bedside table that was also nice to look at, and this is brilliant! The charging access hole for our collection of items that we store securely away in it is very useful too, and the baskets are very handy to help find things quickly. Thank you Mustard, we have waited for the left hand door one to come back in stock and we are very pleased it now has! We can’t wait to have even more space! Thank you for designing such sleek and attractive lockers! We love it and would recommend without hesitation!

Great bedside!

Bought the shorty as a bedside as already have the low on the other side. Great size. Works perfectly! Love the assembly, so easy!

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we flatpack

No, seriously, we really do!

We've designed our lockers to be beautifully simple to put together. All you need is one crosshead screwdriver for the handles. The rest just slots into place!

We're ALWAYS here to help if you get a little stuck building your locker.

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Slate is the cool kid around here. It's a dark, smoky matte grey with a subtle blue undertone that adds a relaxed, industrial vibe to your space.

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How big is The Shorty?

The Shorty may be small but don't be fooled, there's loads of storage space!

Here are the dimensions of The Shorty:
Height 72cm
Width 35cm
Depth 46cm

The dimensions of the box it will arrive in are:
Height 60cm
Width 52cm
Depth 17cm
The box weighs 11kg

How much weight can you put on the shelves and on top?

The steel we use for the lockers is nice and sturdy.

In The Shorty each shelf can hold up to 20kg.
On top of The Shorty our recommended weight limit is 50kg.

Each locker also comes with wall plugs and screws, with holes in the back of the locker to fix it to the wall for extra stability.

Which way does the door open?

Shorty opening


The Shorty comes in left or righting opening so you can choose the perfect option for your space.

The Shorty in Mustard in the photo opens to the right. This means the handle is on the left and the hinge in on the right, the door swings open towards the right.

The Shorty in Blush in the photo opens to the left. This means the handle is on the right and the hinge in on the left, the door swings open towards the left.

What do the colours look like in real life?

We get it, it's tricky to tell from photos.

That's why we offer colour swatches so you can see the actual colour in it's real finish for yourself before you pick. You can order as many colour swatches as you like!

Do the lockers arrive flat packed or assembled?

Your locker will arrive flat packed but don't worry, putting them together is easy! Trust us!

Mustard lockers are smartly designed to be nice and simple to assemble.

You'll find your instructions inside the box and we have super helpful how-to videos that walk you through the build step-by-step. You only need a screwdriver to attach the handle, no other tools required!

We are always here to help if you get stuck too, just email us at

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