The Shorty in Lilac to the Left


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Andrea Vivanco
Cute little addition to my family :)

I bought the short locker in lilac, it just screams cuteness and coolness! It adds a pop of colour to any room and it's super easy to assemble.
Mustard are actually really good in customer service, I had an issue with mine but they quickly fixed it and free if charge.
Would recommend to everybody!!

Kate Murray
Lovely lilac

I now have a house full of beautiful mustard lockers. I love them all. This one is my daughter's bedside table and she absolutely love it. It has a surprising amount of storage for a small locker. The colour looks gorgeous next to her bedspread too.

Eron Castro
Lilac Shorty

I absolutely adore this little piece that now sits lovingly in my little girls room! It was easy peasy to put together - even I could do it, which says a lot! 🙈🫶🏼❤️