Mustard x Beam

Mustard is proud to donate £5 from every order to Beam.

June 2024:  £181,132 donated since September 2019.

See our impact here.

Each month we celebrate Beam day! The last Wednesday of the month is always a highlight for Mustard. That's when we send everyone who has ordered within the month an email, telling them about the donation and offering them the opportunity to choose the person whose campaign they'd like their donation to go towards. If the customer doesn't pick a person the money will be shared evenly to all current campaigns so don't worry, it won't be wasted!

We then make the payment to Beam + the people they support get a step closer to their goals. Yay!

What is Beam?

Beam is a world-first online platform that crowd funds for training courses + professional qualifications for homeless people, then supports them into stable careers. 

As a social impact business, Beam uses crowdfunding technology to make it safe and easy for anyone to help homeless people, by connecting the public with the people on their platform. Beam advocates transparency, with every campaign showing an exact budget on the website and sharing the progress each individual is making towards their employment goals. 

Beam is working to change negative stereotypes around homelessness by showing the talents and aspirations of people facing this problem, as well as reflecting the true diversity of the homeless population.
There is loads of great information on


Will it cost me more?

Nope, we take the £5 out of our profit so it won't cost you a single penny extra. It's our way of giving back!


Will you share my email?

If you order, your email will be shared on a one-time basis with Beam, who will send you the donation email. You can unsubscribe or let us know if you don't want your information shared.


Will you donate for all orders?

Uh huh! We'll donate £5 per order for all customer orders, including both wholesale + retail, in the UK.
(Excludes orders on our European, Australian + US websites.)


Where does the money go?

The £5 will be donated to Beam. You have the choice of selecting a single person's campaign, or having it spread evenly across all the current campaigns. Every member on the platform has a unique story, with unique goals they need help achieving. We hope (and highly recommend!) you'll take the time to read their stories, look at the budget breakdown of what the money will be used for and to follow their journey. It's a beautiful process. The backing they receive is just as much about the human connection as it is the money.


For more information on how Beam works and how it operates, visit

If you have any questions or feedback please feel free to get in touch at


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