The Baskets in White


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Baskets Forever!

These baskets are a lifesaver. I had a lot of filing that didn't lend itself well to folders, such as treasured birthday cards, save the dates. The baskets are perfect! They keep everything safe and secure in my locker while also keeping it neat.

Rebecca Hill
Great quality baskets

I love these baskets. They are really good quality, they don 't feel cheap, but nice a sturdy. The sizes are fantastic, and you can fit loads in them. I've used mine for storing yarn and I can fit most of my yarn stash in them. The colour is also lovely, I might get another set in the future. Would highly recommend.

Cute and Simple

I love these baskets so much, I have six in total in my locker and they make my locker so visually satisfying and organised. They are so beautiful though that I think I would want to order some to have out. The only thing is, in one of the baskets I keep cosmetics and because of how big the holes are if I wear to lift the basket up, a few things fall through the holes, but apart from that, I love them.

Love this product

Unique, colourful and practical. Great quality and well priced.

Mae Laine Skin + Soul
Sorted in Style

Love my new set of white Mustard storage baskets. Now my studio is looking much more sorted and orderly. Love the handle features, well done. I think I need a few more.