European Orders

European Delivery

Here is a guide to receiving your Mustard goodies across Europe. 

Once your locker has arrived in your country, look out for an email / text message from the courier. This will include an invoice for:
  • VAT (around 20% depending on your country)
  • Advance payment fee (this is a Customs processing fee, the average cost is around 15-20€). This invoice must be paid by you to have your goods released from customs for delivery.

IMPORTANT - If you are asked to pay significantly more than the amount above, or you see a 'duty charge' on your invoice, please contact the courier as there may be a mistake with their calculation. If there is a problem, we are always here to help support you. We can guide you through the process to ensure you pay the correct amount to the courier.


Delivery costs
We use 'live quoting' which means you are charged accurately based on where you are and what you order.

Delivery times
Please allow 5-14 working days for delivery once your order is dispatched. This is just an estimate and shipping times will vary. If you do not pay the courier for the VAT + customs processing fee this can cause additional delays.

A few more things
We really want to make sure your orders arrive safely so PLEASE double check your delivery address, phone number and email to make sure it all goes smoothly. Mustard Made will not be liable for any additional taxes, charges, storage fees or shipping costs you may be required to pay. Shipping times are likely to vary and customs can cause additional delays. Thanks for your understanding while we work with the changing situation.

We are always happy to hear your feedback and experience of shopping with us. Feel free to get in touch at, we're always here to help.